My professional career path is marked by 3 career changes that I made by personal choice: tax expert for 5 years, IT project manager for about 15 years, and then coaching and training in my heart’s activity.

This rich and heterogeneous professional experience (I give you the opportunity to meet the other person in the administration, in the private company and then in the firm, as well as my personal experience, gives me the skills that allow me to accompany you on the chosen path of evolution: to go towards health, towards well-being, towards self-knowledge, stress or career management, to find a balance between private life – professional life, and so on.

My skills and training

  • Coach, NLP Practitioner, certified at the Institut Ressources (Paris, Switzerland, Brussels)
  • Corporate coaching specialization - ORSC Paris
  • Sophrologist, certified at the European Institute for Research in Sophrology and Psychotherapy (Paris), member of the French Society of Sophrology.
  • Aroma therapist - certified by Pranarom - Belgium
  • Accompaniment of the feminine - Advanced Moon Mother and Mentor according to Miranda Gray, then Alexandra Pope, Liu Pheng, Aviva
  • Introduced to systemic constellations, psychogenealogy and bio-decoding
  • Masseuse of the pregnant woman in the Ayurvedic tradition - certified Yogsansara Paris by Francesca Santagata
  • Trained in Natural Contraception and Conception - Women′s Cycle Observation Methods According to WHO

And more :

  • PhD in tax law – Université Paris IX Dauphine
  • Master′s degree in Computer Science, Automation and Business Management - MIAGE

What do they say about me

  • That my listening is benevolent, without judgment
  • That I′m good at ″awakening″ talents quickly
  • That I′m intuitive and I know how to point gently,″where it doesn′t fit.
  • That my coaching gives visible results on a daily level

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