About sessions

The conduct of individual and couple sessions

Catalina Boncilica Informations pratiques ParisThe individual sessions take place in the office or via an audio-visual media such as Skype or Messenger. It is recommended that the first appointment be in person in my office.

Couple sessions are always in the office. Some methods cannot be practiced remotely.

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Details of the sessions

We can determine together to what extent one or more of the approaches I use can help you, by looking at whether these approaches are right for you. In principle, the results are very quickly visible and sometimes one to three sessions are enough.

A session is normally conducted in three stages:

  • A time of discussion to understand your situation and your wishes; define the project of the session; choose the approach by mutual agreement and explain what it consists of.
  • Depending on the approach chosen, the approach is different. It can be a verbal exchange or in the case of sophrology, the Sophrologist′s voice takes you into a state of deep relaxation and guides you in the discovery of your inner resources.
  • A time of sharing allows you to express your feelings, in what way the session was useful to you.

After the session you can have homework assignments – simple exercises adapted to your current priority. In addition, they are intended to reinforce the benefits of the sessions.

Your friends and family can also benefit from your sessions by feeling a change in your home, in the sense that you can better manage your emotions.

Frequency and number of sessions

The frequency of the sessions will remain a subject to be established by mutual agreement. This could be probably once a week or every 2 weeks, at the rhythm that will suit you. The number depends on your goals and preoccupation. By experience, problems related to stress management or a difficult such as grief or self-confidence issue can require a dozen sessions, preparation for the tests: 3-4 sessions while the path personal development may require more time or on the contrary …

Gifts of the session

Your conscience has a security system: it only lets emerge what it is ready to receive. The message of your profound being is addressed to you when you are ready to accept it and integrate it. It is considered a “gift”. You were ready to overcome the ordeal and accept it consciously. You will be accompanied to do so. The subconscious mind continues to integrate for a period of time.

Aromatherapy sessions

The daily use of essential oils is a very good practice which, with the necessary precautions, gives magical results. Essential oils are molecules chemically equivalent to medicaments. In some cases, it is dangerous to swallow or spread them. They interact with the treatments you take regularly if you suffer from certain illnesses. For example, some are very energizing – if you have heart problems, you understand, it’s not to take! Hence the interest of a consultation.

How is the consultation conducted?

It begins with a short questionnaire to ensure that there is no contraindication. This questionnaire is directed to obtain information on the general state (age, weight, stressors, etc.) and then on the context (diet, risk factors, chronic diseases, taking medication, etc.). As soon as this information is collected, a protocol is established.
Instructions for use will be given to you specifically and in relation to your protocol and the reason for your approach – how, how many, how often and where to apply the mixtures. A follow-up is set up. I advise you to keep me informed of developments.

Writing light grids

You have a project, a wish, an intention and you want to materialize them in harmony and ease. We will check together that your wishes are expressed in an appropriate manner.

So how is it going?

The grid is a “message”, a “letter” addressed to the Universe. Expressing your wish, your request in a positive way is part of the process. If you give your agreement, the grid will be written in the following days. You will be informed as soon as it is ready.
Your positive thoughts will strengthen it.

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