Duration & price

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The coaching in individual or couple sessions is normally about 50 minutes, but there is nothing to prevent you from choosing another duration.

The aromatherapy sessions last about 20-25 minutes; the first session takes 50 minutes to set up a protocol.

More details on “Sessions” at the bottom of this page.

The Prices applied

  • 55 euros for an individual session of about 50 minutes. The sessions of approximately 1h30 are at 85 euros while those of 2h are at 110 euros
  • 70 euros for an hour couple session
  • 35 euros for the aromatherapy session in follow-up. An individual session is necessary beforehand to establish the follow-up
  • 40 euros for the writing of a personal grid (7 shapes) and 80 euros for a grid of 49 shapes. Writing a personal grid requires an individual mini-meeting at 35 euros
  • 70 euros for a massage of the pregnant woman.

A financial difficulty must not cut out you of the possibility of being supported. A satisfactory agreement is generally possible.

Useful Information