A woman’s life is rhythmed by the cycles she lives each month.

Body, mind, emotions, relationships are nuanced by this cyclicality and changes can sometimes be experienced as instability. In addition, the passages a woman may experience throughout her life – emotions, situations, transitions – require a loving and caring support from woman to woman.

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To walk on the path of femininity requires a woman-to-woman accompaniment, especially in the passages that a woman lives through her life. Body, soul, spirit can then evolve in a serene way by living transitions and transformations in everyday life.

What could be better than an mentoring of a woman when you are a woman yourself!

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Female mentoring for which situations?

  • Connect and embrace the feminine nature, cyclical abilities and feminine soul at every moment of life.
  • Introduce contraception and understand how your own body works
  • Becoming a Mom by natural conception or following a Medically Assisted Reproductive Journey
  • Reconnecting with cyclicality and radiating the feminine, learning to recognize, honour and optimize its cyclical nature.
  • Living a fulfilling pregnancy and a serene childbirth and Manage the first few days after giving birth of the young mother and her baby
  • Deal with bereavement - loss, separation, etc. and Managing difficult passages better - adolescence, baby-blues, menopause

My vision and my approach

As a woman, I am committed to helping women through their life stages, transitions and transitions. Personally, I will take care to accompany you in respect of your privacy (in couple or individual). Through a palette of tools and according to your sensitivities, my support will allow you to recharge your batteries, stabilize emotionally and reconnect with your cycle to get through the difficulties of this journey. Every path to happiness is different: sometimes it needs to be cleared, widened or traced.

The benevolent vision of her body as a creative and life-giving woman and the acceptance of her own history will develop conditions for evolution. The proposal is to establish a mind-body relationship through exchanges, through awareness raising in order to mentally and physically accept one’s own path.

I suggest that you reconnect with your female cycle, guiding you through the physical and emotional changes that you experience every month from puberty to menopause and beyond. I share with you the information of common sense to live in a gentler way all the phases you go through. A true “kit” for all women living in this world and wishing to express their femininity.

Knowledge of her femininity, fertility and naturality, passages and practices.

My expertise

Women’s cycle phases

Women’s cycle phases

Cycle awareness allows women - who are either on their menstral age or menopausal to be more connected to their femininity and bodies.

Fertility awareness

Fertility awareness

More and more women, who are concerned about their health, choose the contraceptive methods according with their need..


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