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More and more women are turning to natural methods of contraception for different reasons: the desire to live a natural fertility or a natural femininity. Others find themselves “compelled” by their own bodies that are incompatible with taking hormones.

Why natural contraception?

The democratization of the pill has given women the freedom and choice of when to become mothers – a crucial emancipation in the evolution of patriarchal society. Today we know that this hormone intake is not without risk for the health of the woman and ultimately the couple.

Women or couples increasingly want to make an informed choice among contraceptive methods, in agreement with and respect for body function. The objective comparison of all existing possibilities with the risks and benefits for each method offers the most appropriate choice for the couple.

To whom is natural contraception for?

How to avoid pregnancy and choose contraception? Why should we prefer natural contraception, in other words, hormone-free contraception? Reversibility, acceptability, cost and safety are all criteria that must be weighed in order to make a conscious and informed contraceptive choice. La méthode d’observation du cycle peut être utilisée par toutes les femmes et les couples qui souhaitent éviter de devenir parents à un moment inapproprié de leur vie.

The cycle observation method can be used by all women and couples who wish to avoid becoming parents at an inappropriate time in their lives

Support in the process of becoming parents

Understanding cyclicity can also be used as a tool to assist in conceiving and solving infertility problems by identifying their causes. This knowledge also of the psychological and emotional state related to the woman’s cycle and the medical path offers an excellent and support in parallel of a Medically Assisted Reproduction process.

Identifying the cycle moments that are problematic using the methods provided by observing the menstrual cycle is a very interesting approach to improve the general well-being of women. Premenstrual syndrome, irregular or painful periods, emotional instability, menopausal difficulties are all problems directly related to the cyclical nature of women.

When known, the female cycle is a perfect mechanism and opens the way for women to achieve inner balance, harmony, self-knowledge and fertility.

Learn to identify...

precisely its fertile and infertile periods to achieve the best contraceptive effectiveness with the least risk is based on observation techniques of the female cycle. The same knowing goes for putting all the chances on her side to become parents.

Methods of observing the female cycle “are described by WHO* and HAS** . These methods are publicly known as “Symptothermia,””Symptothermia Double Control.” according to the work of Dr. Josef Rötzer and “The combined indicators” according to Dr. Josef Rötzer. Anna Flynn.

*WHO – World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, United States Agency for International Development. Family planning. A handbook for service providers around the world. Geneva: WHO; 2011

**HAS – Haute Autorité de Santé, Synthesis Document Contraceptive Methods: Focus on the most effective methods available, March 2013, Update September 2016

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