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The knowledge of the cycle gives to each woman the possibility to be connected to her true nature and to use her talents in everyday life. The cycle is linked to the energetic centers of women, especially the belly, the container of creative power. This feminine power can be developed by awakening the body forces. It is not really a willing power: it is an inner force of love that can spring up outside.

The learning of one’s own cyclicity is to use the gift of opportune moments for one activity or another, according to its phases. It can also be combined with energy healing, in order to:

  • Expanding and strengthening the connection to the Feminine and the consciousness of her femininity,
  • Feel the completeness by connecting to the feminine soul,
  • Accept her femininity, give meaning to who we really are and enjoy the freedom to be a woman in all her beautiful expressions,
  • Awaken, energize and heal the centers of female power ans winsdom

I also offer Womb blessings healing, which has powerfull action on ancient patterns as well as on our individual patterns and bring us love, beauty and grace.

My experiance

The Mentoring is an individual accompaniment according to the methods “Red Moon” and “Optimized Woman” and the female cycle. Personally, these are methods that have changed my life. I invite you to taste what brings transformation into your life too.

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Advanced Moon Mother, Mentor

Being a “Moon Mother” is a way to bring the energies of the Feminine into our daily lives and connect us to all women, to a loving female family. By giving a woman the Womb Blessing, a “Moon Mother” awakens and strengthens the connection of this woman to the Feminine, affirms her femininity and the presence in her of the Sacred Space.

This healing can support women in times of transition and change. It can be a way of celebrating and showing gratitude for the first rules, marriage, motherhood and menopause.

It is a powerful catalyst for understanding cyclical processes in life.

En tant que Moon Mother...

j’anime de cercles consacré au Féminin – de groupes mixtes de Pleine Lune où j’offre de Bénédictions ” ou de Cercle de femmes sous forme de “Tentes Rouges” où nous échangeons autour de la féminité.

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Dance with the Moon

Dance with the Moon

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