Why an accompaniment?

The changes made at the level of individual consciousness are the driving force behind the evolution of being and the essence of personal development. Going to meet the the inner self requires courage and sometimes accompaniment. The question is how to bring about positive change, facilitate progress along the way and above all bring harmony into personal and professional life.

Relationships with others, the viewpoint of others are also very important on the appreciation of ourselves, on how we “judge ourselves”. The family comes first, then the people close to us.

By encouraging a positive attitude, the methods practiced aim to help people to live better and to evoluate.

La qualité de la vie fait de plus en plus partie des valeurs personnelles. Elle est aussi constamment recherchée dans le monde professionnel. Cela offre la possibilité de mener une vie centrée sur la notion de “plaisir” que ce soit au niveau personnel ou professionnel.

La construction de toute relation est alors basée sur l’idée d’être acteur de sa propre vie qui va alimenter la confiance en soi et la motivation dans ses projets. L’implication consciente dans ce que nous faisons est au final un choix de vie essentiel.

In my practice...

I combine techniques focused on well-being, the work on the senses and the body, which will strengthen confidence and self-esteem, the alignment of the person with himself, with what he is, what he lives, what he feels, what he expresses, what he does.

How to bring harmony into your life?

Keeping the balance...

between all areas of our personal and professional life- as health, relationships, finances, etc.,-  is to evoluate in accordance with own values and abilities.

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