is a relaxation technique that brings the person into a state of “modified consciousness”, from which he or she can concentrate on a specific need. The sophrologist guides the person towards a deep relaxation and leads him/her, with his/her prior agreement, to “reprogramming”, to improve his/her behaviour, to settle a stressful situation or to accomplish a task.

The main benefits of sophrogy relate to:

  • Strengthen positive action, in order to develop the elements that carry the past and present, and to enhance all its talents in order to create the future.
  • Become aware of your body and learn to relax it
  • Develop more realism and efficiency in its activities.

Sophrology is an excellent means of relaxation and offers tools for stress management. In this way, it opens up the scope of our potential, the choice of orientation in both personal and professional relationships.

It is also a sizeable choice to make the right decisions and a real ally in burn-out and moral harassment issues as well as in conflict situations.

My intervention...

is oriented to accompany you in order to define your desires, your needs, your capacities, the determining constraints in your choices, but also in your quest to improve your personal and professional relationships.

Inspired by the techniques of hypnosis, yoga and meditation, sophrology focuses on attention to the physical sensations, as body representation plays an important role in raising awareness. These sensations are designed to get to know your body better, to relax, to stimulate creativity and intuition.

In practice, tools such as these are used:

  • breathing and body exercises,
  • visualizations and concentration on an image,
  • the evocation of a situation, reinforcement of the body schema of sensory organs: vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch,
  • work on the perception of body shapes, balance, energy, etc.
La composante sociale de l'être

The social component of being

is manifested by belonging to a community, most often the company, the place where one expresses one’s identity, capacities, motivation, beliefs and behaviours. Hence the interest of accompanying people in the company to find happiness at work, this place where most spend more than a third of their life, grasping the right place in relation to themselves and others,

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