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The workshops for the women

These workshops offer the opportunity to discover who we are and how we live our feminine nature. Approaches that allow us to enrich ourselves through new knowledge and sharing between women and reveal the uniqueness of each of us.

Dance with the Moon

Dance with the Moon

How the modern woman can reach her full potential? Get access to learning about female cyclicity and the rhythms of life!


Aromatherapy for everyday

These workshops propose the discovery of the worlds of plants transformed by alchemical knowledge in marvellous tools of care for the little or big “bobos” of body and mind. The power of essential oils does not stop at the “doors” of the nose because their odours spread to the emotional body in order to transform the heaviness into lightness of the being. The workshops bring the knowledge of their easy and safe use.

Quantum Aromatherapy

Quantum Aromatherapy

An enchanted journey into the fragrant invisible that opens doors to subtle bodies while acting deep down at the cellular level.

Daily using of essential oils

Daily using of essential oils

Bring magic into your life! 6 fun and creative workshops to familiarize you with essential oils to integrate them safely into your daily life


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