Subtle aromatherapy, quantum dimension

This one-day workshop is based on intuitive teaching, focusing on the energetic and quantum side of essential oils. They take us to another level of consciousness and bring us well-being. Playful and interactive, this workshop offers you a wonderful journey through rituals, fragrances and energy wheels..

Catalina Boncilica - inivtez moi dans votre région

Un atelier dans votre région

If you would like to set up a workshop in your area, please contact me.

The classic aroma uses Essential Oils to heal in the same way as traditional medicine with medicines – so we need to diagnose and analyse the environment – allergies, patient history, weaknesses, etc. – whereas for the energetic aroma, the precautions are not quite the same, given the small quantities of substances. Their action does not operate directly on the level of a system (respiratory, digestive, circulatory system, etc.) but rather on the cellular level and the subtle level of the body.

What the workshop offers you?

  • Discover the chemistry and alchemy of mother nature in small bottles
  • Meets with essential oils of very high vibratory quality
  • Enchanting journey in the invisible fragrance
  • Connecting with oneself in another space-time space
  • Opening of the body′s energy gates through the richness of essential oils