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Goddess Diary


A diary – agenda to the WOMAN first!

Find the inner harmony, know your body, practice design and natural contraception in accordance with the cyclicities of our world, this is the ambition of this agenda. It is designed to meet your desire to start listening and talking to your woman’s body.
This 2 in 1 agenda will make you happy!

It is above all an agenda for femininity and cyclicity:

  • a conception & contraception tool in a natural way.
  • a way to know your innate qualities and abilities, related to the phases of the cycle.
  • your journal, to write down your thoughts – using the calendar pages of the past year, very nicely decorated.

French edition
Photo : Cover of “Agenda de la Déesse” designed by Emil Pipa

Out of stock


A journal for the ladies above all!

Discover this sexy, authentic and practical diary, made for women’s bags.

“I want to share here how the idea of ​​this agenda came to me; as with everything, every solution in our lives is brought up as a result of necessity, and here is mine: Like many women the bag that I take with me every day has become unbearably heavy for my shoulders and something must be done urgently … Easy to say and complicated to remove the 4 extra pounds …

Analyzing the content of the bag in question, I realized that I wore every day with me 3 diaries : one that I like, feminine and pretty where I note my feelings, my experiences, a second rather for the activity – for my personal and professional appointments and a third – a checked Oxford notebook where I designate and record my “moon” calendar – my monthly cycle. “



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