Menstrual cycle Mentoring


The irregularity of the cycle, pre-menstrual syndromes, pain during menstruation,  ovarian cysts, hormonal irregularities, fibroma or difficulties to have babies even the pre-mnopasal synromes – all of this could find a real support and healling using and understanding the live and body cycles.

It is the key to be fully who you are as a woman!

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The cyclic functioning of the woman’s body, her cycle is an extraordinary tool that gives information about the well-being and health of the woman. Its regularity, its characteristics “speak” about the life of the woman. The Menstrual cycle Mentoring, healps and learns woman to make sens of the functioning, to understand the messages and the signals of the body. It is a new connection to herself and her femininity.

These mechanisms are used for natural contraception and natural conception.

Session of an hour and a half.

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