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Back pain, cervical pain or get very tired ? heavy legs ?

Pregnancy Body Massage is a special ayurvédic massage.  This Ayurvedic Pregnancy Body Massage will bring you well-being and relaxation and relieve the areas of the body solicited during pregnancy. This massage with a specially oil is designed for pregnant women who have already passed their first trimester of pregnancy. It can be practiced until delivery.

An excellent gift to offer for baby shower.

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Pregnancy Body Massage is a special ayurvedic massage designd for the pregnant woman.It is about 50 minutes massage and is practiced on entire body, included the head. Is is done with a specific oil, according to the month of the pregnancy. It is indicated after the third month of pregnancy and recommended to flow the energy for the future mother and the baby.

The pregnant woman tends to accumulate or stagnate certain flows. Toxins are easily the cause. Moreover, since the body changes shape and weight as well as the center of gravity, tensions are often felt in changing areas.

Catalina Boncilica – offers this massage in respect of the tradition and wisdom of women. She is trained for this massage with Francesca Santagata – master of Ayurvedic school  – Tiari.

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